Mission, Vision, Values


Access Justice Brooklyn provides high-quality, pro bono legal services and community education to our neighbors in need. Using the collective talents of our dedicated staff and volunteers, we help ensure a more accessible legal system and equitable Brooklyn.


We envision an equitable Brooklyn where everyone knows their rights and has access to legal support.


Access. We believe that the legal process should be open and available to everyone. We help remove systemic barriers that get between people and fair outcomes by providing practical, effective services for those in need.

Change. We are dedicated to changing the systems that marginalize people with low incomes. Justice—whether legal, social, or economic—is not an outcome available to all. We need to improve and expand the legal avenues for successful change in people’s lives.

Compassion. We strive to actively grow our consciousness of the systemic challenges and struggles in our community, working to redistribute power more equitably. By reinforcing the links we have in common, we believe we can foster greater connection and compassion.

Fairness. The legal system should work for everyone, especially those who don’t know their rights or don’t have access to qualified support. We are changing the legal field with equitable access to resources and representation.

Resilience. We are persistent and we are firm in our resolve to help our clients succeed. We strive every day to match their fortitude. By connecting with and building our community, we grow stronger together.

Respect. No one should have to feel hesitant when asking for support of any kind. All of our interactions are rooted in dignity and respect.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

Access Justice Brooklyn is committed to pursuing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access in all aspects of our work. Access Justice Brooklyn seeks to hire, retain, and promote greater diversity at every level in our organization, including staff, board, volunteers and other community stakeholders. We continually work toward improving how we deliver our services in the most effective and just manner which includes ensuring that we are bringing more varied perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and interests to our organization and our work. Our mission embodies a commitment to a society which is just, inclusive, and equitable for all. Access Justice Brooklyn aims to foster stakeholder communities that reflect the diverse fabric of Brooklyn. Diversity informs and brings to life our work, and gives us the empathy and experience we need to effectively serve our clients. We define diversity in the most inclusive way possible and aim to consistently have our work reflect this definition.