Building Wealth in Brooklyn Communities

In October 2022, Access Justice Brooklyn represented Mark-Anthony, a lifelong Brooklyn resident and homeowner since 2001, at a closing for the Basement Apartment Conversion Pilot Program (BACPP), New York City’s new program to help fund the conversion of home basements into safe, legal, and rentable apartment units. Mark-Anthony sought out the program in hopes to use his home to generate more income as well as demonstrate to his community that programs like the BACPP can help empower Brooklyn homeowners.

Access Justice Brooklyn assisted Mark-Anthony in reviewing loan and construction contracts – helping him navigate the process of clearing the title of any issues that could possibly jeopardize ownership of his home. Upon closing, we discovered Mark-Anthony was the very first homeowner to obtain and close on a BACPP loan!

Access Justice Brooklyn, alongside our partners at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, helped Mark-Anthony turn his home into an investment property, allowing him to earn additional income and support his community by creating safe and legal units for Brooklyn tenants. Learn more about Mark-Anthony’s story in our 2022 Program Video.

Rapid gentrification and the skyrocketing cost of living in the borough threaten to displace Brooklyn homeowners and increase the burden of debt for individuals and families. Free, accessible legal services are essential to supporting our neighbors and ensuring the stability of Brooklyn’s diverse communities. But we cannot do it alone.

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