Introducing the Newest Members of Our Legal Services Team!

We are excited to introduce Access Justice Brooklyn’s newest Legal Assistant – Isaias Argueta, who we welcomed to the team in November 2023; and Merly Lopez, who we welcomed to the team in January 2024.

Isaias is a graduate of New York University where he majored in Psychology and minored in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. He has prior experience a case manager at Cayuga Centers, where he oversaw the timely release of unaccompanied minors from federal custody.

“I am excited to join the Access Justice Brooklyn team because of their mission of achieving a more equitable Brooklyn. I believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at justice and AJB works to meet people where they are while linking them to the resources to empower themselves. I am excited to join the hardworking team at Access Justice Brooklyn so that I may connect Brooklynites to crucial resources needed to to effectively navigate the legal system. With experience as a social worker, I’m accustomed to approaching situations with compassion and empathy. I hope to use my experience to deliver effective and compassionate assistance to those across the borough.”

Merly is a graduate of New York University where she majored in American Studies and involved with the The Undergraduate Law Review. She has prior experience as an editorial assistant at W. W. Norton and Co. and as a legal intern at Fuchs Rosenzweig, PLLC. Merly was also an organizer for the Workers Circle promoting civic engagement and empowerment as well as a mentor for the Kalos Academy.

“Growing up as one of the only English speakers in my home, I viscerally experienced the inaccessibility of our legal and political systems early on. This quickly became the fuel for my pursuing a career in law and public advocacy, which is why applying to Access Justice Brooklyn was a no-brainer. The average client at Access Justice Brooklyn, like most low-income Americans, is typically overwhelmed and confused by the legal system from the moment they receive notice of a lawsuit. Organizations like Access Justice Brooklyn are some of the only lifelines available for bridging this profound gap in representation, especially with cases regarding foreclosures and consumer debt. I feel lucky to be able to contribute to a working model of direct service legal support that is committed to not only doing the work in the courts, but also working with communities directly through outreach and policy advocacy. As one of the first points of contact at the organization, I am most excited about the direct service nature of the work we do. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve already seen the impact that just listening can have on someone who feels unseen by the larger legal and political systems.”

As Legal Assistants for Access Justice Brooklyn, Isaias and Merly will conduct intakes with prospective clients, providing information and/or referrals to clients seeking legal assistance as well as support our Legal Services team in foreclosure, consumer debt, bankruptcy, family law, and other practice areas. To learn more about the services we provide, click here.

by Development Team