Our Senior Assistance Program is Growing!

We are excited to introduce Access Justice Brooklyn’s newest Staff Attorney, Lorraine Sabalja, who we welcomed to the team in January 2024!

Lorraine is a former Access Justice Brooklyn volunteer and the 2020 recipient of our Liz Padilla Excellence in Public Service Award for outstanding commitment to pro bono services. She has extensive experience in elder law, including Medicaid, Medicare, estate planning and advance directives. 

“To be part of an organization committed to doing good, where I can utilize my law practice and leverage that experience in a way to help the community is an incredible gift that lured me to join Access Justice Brooklyn. The opportunity to use my elder law experience to directly empower and educate seniors about the importance of making legal decisions that will allow them to maintain control over critical aspects of their lives and to build awareness of their rights to help them age safely in place, is especially gratifying.  

I am also thrilled to be part of an organization that empowers and educates other attorneys to learn new areas of practice to help clients move forward with their lives and achieve their goals.  As a former volunteer with Access Justice, and recipient of the Liz Padilla Excellence In Public Service Award, I’ve also had the honor of experiencing firsthand the enrichment and reward that pro bono work can bring. Sharing this enthusiasm with other attorneys will be very exciting. It’s that client and peer interaction, engagement and connection which helps me reconnect to why I wanted to be a lawyer in the first place.”

As Staff Attorney for Access Justice Brooklyn, Lorraine will oversee all aspects of our Senior Assistance Program, including our long-standing Senior Legal Education and Assistance Program (Senior LEAP), which provides legal information and advice to hundreds of seniors throughout Brooklyn each year.

Expansion of our Senior Assistance Program was made possible in part by generous grants provided by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, Brooklyn Org, and the National Grid Foundation. To learn more about our Senior Assistance Program, click here.

by Development Team